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SBG 21: iZombie

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Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) hang out with Katherine Kleffner (@kleffnotes) from the Nerdy Girl Express to talk about why iZombie Should Have Been Gay, With Liv eating all of those straight dude brains, it makes absolutely no sense that she's not attracted to women every other episode. We talk the obvious chemistry between Liv and Peyton, that one time that Peyton spanks Liv in a dominatrix outfit, honorable mention for #rager and why Liv being a sexually fluid zombie just makes sense. Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

SBG 16: How I Met Your Mother with Hey, Beautiful! The HIMYM Podcast

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why How I Met Your Mother should have been gay with Kate from Hey, Beautiful! the HIMYM Podcast (@heybeautifulpod). We talk about Lily's canon bisexuality. Martinis make her want to make out with Robin, she totally wanted to have a lesbian phase in college and let's be real #scherbaldrin is end game. We talk about Robin's lesbian doppelganger, rocking suits and cigars, her "friendship" with Jessica Glitter and what would have happened if the entire show led up to Lily underneath Robin's window with a blue French Horn to the tune of "Come To My Window." And don't even get us started on the guys of the show and Ted's confusing sex dream about Barney or Marshall or both. Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod). Follow Kate and Hey, Beautiful on Twitter @heybeautifulpod for more *no spoilers* How I Met Your Mother recaps.

Starring Monique Edwards, Lyndsy Fonseca, David Henrie, Saba Homayoon, Sarah Loew

SBG 15: Practical Magic

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Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why Practical Magic should have been gay. The Owens women are cursed to have all of the men that they love die. Obvious solution, love women instead! And don't even get us started on their "eccentric" aunts. We all know eccentric is code word for lesbian. We recast the detective as Reese Witherspoon and totally ship a Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon, witch and detective love story. This is every lesbians' Halloween dream. Join us on Twitter for Midnight Margaritas on Thursday! Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

Practical Magic (1998)
Starring Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Dianne Wiest, Stockard Channing, Aidan Quinn

SBG 13: Motocrossed


Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why Disney Channel Original Movie Motocrossed should have been gay. Our synopsis is nothing happens in this movie, there are a lot of Motocross races, Andi is the lesbian daddy to end all daddies and helps the clueless Dean with girls. OR Andi is a trans man who falls in love with Dean and they make the cutest gay twin male couple ever (because they look more alike than Andi and their brother). Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

Starring Alana Austin, Trever O'Brien, Riley Smith

Should Have Been Gay: Legally Blonde

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why Legally Blonde should have been gay. Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) would be the ultimate femme lesbian heroine. We ship her with Vivian Kensington (Selma Blair), Professor Stromwell (Holland Taylor) or Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge). We discuss how Warner is Vivian's beard, lesbian sorority sisters, how Margot and Serena would make one hell of a couple and why Elle is the high femme lesbian we all deserve.  Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

Legally Blonde
Starring Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, Victor Garber

Should Have Been Gay: Gilmore Girls


Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why Gilmore Girls should have been gay. Gilmore Girls stars Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore and Liza Weil as Paris Geller. Leigh and Ellie talk about how all of Rory will never find happiness with a man, the hate to love slow burn that could have been #Gellmore and read a fan fiction about Rory and Paris' Boston Marriage.  For Pride Month, they feature Queer Kid Stuff, a webseries creating LGBTQ+ educational videos for children. You can donate to their kickstarter here: Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

Queer Kid Stuff: Donate Now! (Campaign ends June 8th) 

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life: The Complete First Season
Starring Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson

Should Have Been Gay: She's The Man

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why She's The Man should have been gayer because let's face it, this movie is already pretty queer. She's The Man stars Amanda Bynes as Violet/Sebastian, Laura Ramsey as Olivia and Channing Tatum as Duke OrsinLeigh and Ellie talk about how Viola/Sebastian blurs gender roles, why real Sebastian is lame and how Olivia and Viola would be so much happier together.  Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod). 

She's The Man
Starring Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, Laura Ramsey, Vinnie Jones, Julie Hagerty

Should Have Been Gay: Jenny's Wedding

Oh, Jenny's Wedding. Time we will all never get back in our lives. Join Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) as they discuss how - despite the film's mediocre efforts - Jenny's Wedding will likely go down as the least gay lesbian film ever made. Featuring Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel as "awkward roommates who have clearly never done it even once in their lives" couple Jenny and Kitty, the movie features an excellent soundtrack consisting of:

  • that one Mary Lambert song, and

  • honestly, just that one song

Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod). 

Jenny's Wedding
Starring Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Grace Gummer, Alexis Bledel